A New Service for PDF Publishers
An effective way of boosting PDF distribution!


Great for the tourist industry, arts, fashion & lifestyle promotion, for museums, hotels, artists, sports, the automotive industry... Let's say that you wish to promote a museum or a gallery exhibition, or a tourist destination. You create a virtual tour, print a catalogue or a brochure, and make a PDF version of it. You upload it all to your website, and share on social networks.
You hope that people will like and share your content, and some surely will! But, note that "your" in the previous sentence. "Your content"!

How about making it their content, too?


There are people looking for high-quality content that they could use for their own promotion. They may be interested in licensing your PDF brochure, catalogue, or guide! Even more so if they are allowed to link it to their own business offer, or include a gift!
Through PDF2Go.Club, you can offer your PDF brochures for co-branding to boost you distribution by giving people an extra reason to share! Or you can earn money by selling royalty-free distribution rights for your creation!

By trying out this demo, you'll gain first-hand experience with the procedure and the results you users will enjoy if you let them distribute your content with their contact information embedded into it.

Our regular fee will start at about $300/year per brochure. This will include the initial setup and unlimited use of the service for a period of one year. However, right now, we're looking for partners, and are willing to waive the fee if you plan to offer your brochure for free! If you plan to offer your creations for royalty-free licensing, we can offer a revenue-sharing deal. Feel free to contact us to discuss options without obligation.